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An international bank by your side

Wherever in the world life takes you, HSBC Continental Europe can help

Whether you’re planning to move abroad, settle in France for a new life with your family, pursue your studies, learn another language or boost you career... HSBC Continental Europe is at your side to support you in all your projects, all over the world.

Each year, millions of expatriates move abroad to try their luck in a new country or region. so why not you? Wherever life takes you, your international bank is here to help get ready to move and to make your new home a success.

What are the advantages of being an international customer at HSBC Continental Europe?

The International Centre supports you

The English-speaking Advisers in our International Centre are specialised in the needs of international clients. You can contact them by phone, e-mail or videoconference.

Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 19:00 and Saturday from 9:00 to 17:00.(1)

Online services in French and English

Your personal online banking and the HSBC France mobile app are available both in English and French. It makes it easy to manage your accounts and benefit from all your everyday banking services.

View all your HSBC accounts around the world in one place

With Global View(2) and Global Transfer(2), you can view all your HSBC accounts worldwide on the same screen and make fee-free(3) FX transfers from your HSBC Continental Europe euro accounts to all your HSBC accounts.

Fee-free withdrawals using your HSBC bank card at our cash machines

Outside the Euro zone, withdrawals made in an HSBC cash machines are exempt from withdrawal fees by HSBC Continental Europe(4) . Find them in 64 countries and regions in Europe, Asia, the Americas, the Middle East and North Africa.


And your withdrawals and payments are free in the euro


How can HSBC Continental Europe support you with your expatriation project?

New to HSBC?

If you would like to open an account with a truly international bank with a worldwide presence, take just a few minutes to fill in the following form.

Speak to an adviser

Do you need advice or support to help you move abroad? Meet with a branch adviser to learn about our international services.

(1) Except public holidays

(2) "My International Accounts" service in your online space. For HSBC Continental Europe, the accounts eligible for "My international transfers" are deposit accounts denominated in euros.

Global View : We remind you that according to the regulations in force, individuals, associations, and companies not having the commercial form, domiciled or established for tax purposes in France, are required to declare, when declaring their income or results, all accounts opened, held, used or closed abroad as well as income related to those accounts. In addition, as soon as individuals receive income from movable property through these accounts, they must pay social security contributions and, where applicable, make a down payment of income tax. Finally, under certain conditions, the portion of the representative value of real estate assets of shares or shares in companies or organisations held in these accounts must be declared for tax purposes if the holders concerned are liable for it. In addition, under current regulations, individuals domiciled for tax purposes in France are required to declare, when filing their income tax returns, certain information relating to capitalisation contracts and investments of the same nature, and in particular life insurance contracts, taken out with organisations established outside France and, where applicable, the income generated on these contracts when they are fully or partially surrendered. In addition, the latter must also pay the social security contributions due under their contract. Finally, the surrender value of surrenderable insurance contracts and capitalisation warrants or contracts up to the fraction of their representative value of units of account composed of taxable real estate assets must be declared for tax purposes if the holders concerned are liable for it. In the event of non-compliance with these obligations, the persons concerned are exposed to tax reminders and the application of sanctions. For further details regarding your reporting and tax obligations, we recommend you consult an independent advisor.

Global Transfers: up to USD 100,000 (or its equivalent) and subject to eligibility. Additional fees may be charged by French or foreign correspondents for a particular service or following a foreign exchange transaction. The exchange rate corresponds to the exchange price of the currency at the time the transaction is executed plus a variable margin depending on the amount of the transaction and the currency processed.

(3) Up to USD 100 000 (or its equivalent) and depending on eligibility

(4) Outside the Euro zone, withdrawals made at an HSBC Group distributor are exempt from HSBC withdrawal fees in France. In some countries and territories your withdrawals may be subject to additional charges levied by the foreign bank (including HSBC banks) or the ATM owner/operator.

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