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Life insurance

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Develop your capital within a privileged tax framework

A favourite investment of the French, a life insurance policy has multiple advantages.

It adapts to your needs, throughout your life:

it allows you to carry out your medium- or long-term projects, such as preparing for your retirement or the transfer of your assets.

it offers flexibility:

  • you gradually build up capital by funding your policy at your own pace, through free or scheduled payments, the frequency and amount of which you choose(1). If your situation changes, you can change or stop them at any time.
  • your savings remain available if necessary: capital gains tax rate depends on the date on which the surrender is made on the policy. Thus, you can execute:
  • a partial buy-out (withdrawal of part of the capital) for a one-off project,
  • the implementation of partial repurchases scheduled for more regular needs,
  • a total repurchase, receiving the capital accumulated to carry out a given project by withdrawing of all the funds present on your contract (to fund purchase of a new main residence, children's studies, etc.). 
  • you also have the option of choosing a life annuity to ensure you receive regular additional income throughout your life.

Life insurance benefits from a doubly advantageous tax framework

  • you can transfer up to €152,500 to each beneficiary of your choice by paying them no inheritance tax for premiums paid as from 13/10/1998(2).
  • after eight years, you have the option of redeeming all or part of the amounts invested tax-free(2). From the 4th year onwards, you can benefit from favourable buyback conditions(2)

You can make payments and withdrawals at any time without closing the contract or changing its tax precedence(1).

Life Insurance Wrappers : the favourite investment of the French

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*Dial +33 810 246 810 within France (service €0.09 per call + call price) and for service outside France (cost varies by operator).

(1) According to the provisions of the contract.

(2) According to the provisions of the contract.

(3) Within the limits of the tax legislation in force. To consult the details of the taxation of life insurance, click here.

(4) Group life insurance contract in euros and variable capital with individual and optional membership underwritten by HSBC Continental Europe with HSBC Assurances Vie, a company governed by the Insurance Code. Within the limits of the provisions of the Contract Information Notice.

(5) Individual life insurance contract in euros and with variable capital subscribed through HSBC Continental Europe with HSBC Assurances Vie, a company governed by the Insurance Code. Within the limits of the provisions of the general terms and conditions of the contract.

(6) Manual donation made by the same donor(s) for the same recipient with the same level of deputy agreement as for the initial donation.

(7) Taxation applicable as of 01/10/2018 to French tax residents, subject to subsequent amendments to tax legislation.

(a) Before investing in a unit-linked investment vehicle backed by a Collective Investment Scheme (UCI) governed by French or foreign law, you must read the French version of the Key Investor Information Document (TICI) or the Specific Information Document (DIS) available from HSBC branches or by consulting the electronic address, as well as the Key Information Document (KID), the Information Notice or the General Conditions of the life insurance or capitalisation contract and the appendix "Financial supports" presenting the supports available on the contract and the applicable fees. Before any investment decision is made, it is your responsibility to ensure, with the help of your usual advisors, that the medium or media in question correspond to the regulations to which you are subject (and in particular the local legislation to which you may be subject). Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance, and should be treated with caution.

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