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Plan d’Epargne en Action (PEA)

Invest in our tax-efficient savings plan

Brexit is likely to affect our PEA and PEA-PME equity savings plans. Please see our FAQs to find out more.


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A more favourable way to save

  • Tax free

    Pay no income tax on your interest if you invest for at least 5 years(1).

  • High deposit limits

    Pay in up to €150,000 per person, or €300,000 per couple(2).

  • Investments to suit you

    Choose from eligible French or English stocks and mutual funds.

What you need to know

What is the PEA ?

The Plan d'Epargne en Action (PEA or shared savings plan) is a tax-efficient way to invest and manage a portfolio of eligible French and European securities, such as shares, UCIs, etc.

It gives you a securities account and a cash account for payments, proceeds from selling securities or dividends, and other products awaiting investment.

Shares in UCIs set up in a Member State of the European Community, plus Iceland, Norway or Liechtenstein, that are governed by European regulations and whose assets always include at least 75% securities, are eligible for PEAs.

Note: Since 20 March 2012, ceasing to be tax resident in France no longer means your PEA will close, unless you're moving to a non-cooperative state or territory (ETNC).

You pay no income tax on your investment if you leave it for at least 5 years(1).

How to achieve your objectives

  • Build up your savings over the long term
    Invest up to € 150,000 per person, or €300,000 for a married couple or civil partnership(2), in the stock market for at least 5 years(1) and pay no income or capital gains tax.
  • Invest in a wide range of markets
    Your PEA works like a traditional securities account, enabling you to manage your own portfolio and invest in the European financial markets, like shares, some UCIs, and more.
  • Prepare for retirement
    After 8 years, you can close your PEA and convert your capital into a life annuity that’s exempt from income tax. So you can enjoy regular income for your retirement free from tax, apart from applicable social security contributions. Excludes non-French tax residents.

How to apply

New to HSBC

It only takes a couple of minutes to complete our online form.

Already a customer

Speak to one of our advisers in branch, at a time to suit you.

Find out more

*Dial +33810246810 within France (service €0.09 per call + call price) and for service outside France (cost varies by operator).

Online payments

To make a deposit, log on to Online Banking and select 'Transfers' then 'Transfers within France'.

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(1) See conditions. You can find out more about PEA taxation, click here.

(2) Only one PEA/PEA-PME allowed per person, or one each for a married/civil partnership couple with the same tax residence. People who are fiscally dependent on a taxpayer can’t open a PEA. Deposit capped at 150,000 Euros per person. PEAs are open to customers who are tax resident in France. Not available to customers tax resident in a non-cooperative state or territory (ETNC).

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