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Visa Classic Card

International spending made simple

Why choose a Visa Classic Card

  • Free withdrawals

    Use it free of charge at any HSBC Group ATM at home and abroad(1)

  • Deferred debit option

  • Travel protection included(2)

    Includes insurance and assistance for your complete peace of mind

  • Spread the cost

    Pay just €45 a year, or spread the cost with HSBC Hexagon

The card that accompanies you everywhere

Your Visa Classic card can be used in over one million outlets and 46,000 ATMs in France. You can also access 27 million outlets and one million ATMs in more than 200 countries and territories.

Flexible withdrawal and payment limits

Your Visa Classic Card offers the following standard limits.

These can be adjusted to suit your personal situation, and whether you bank online or in branch.

You’ll get your individual limits in your Personalised Conditions when you apply.


  • €2,500 every 7 days at HSBC France ATMs
  • €500 every 7 days at any other ATMs(3)
  • Overall combined limit of €500/day for all ATMs

Use our locator service to find an ATM.


  • €3,000 every 30 days, of which €2,500 or the local currency equivalent can be abroad

Travel assistance and insurance

To see what protection is available, download the latest notice(2) Visa Classic.


The Visa Classic Card has an annual fee of €45.

It’s also available with HSBC Hexagone, from €8.10 per month.

Cash withdrawals

In France and the Eurozone:

Withdrawals in euros are free at HSBC ATMs, and subject to a charge from the fifth withdrawal at other ATMs.


In the European Economic Area: 

For card payments and cash withdrawals, currency is converted at the rate applied by Visa on the day the transaction is processed.

See our currency exchange rates, and how they compare against the European Central Bank’s (ECB) reference rates.


Outside the Eurozone:

  • withdrawals at HSBC Group ATMs are exempt from our standard charges(1)
  • withdrawals at other ATMs are subject to our fixed and proportional fees(1)

More information is available in branch and on our website in our card fees.

In case of loss or theft

Please report loss or theft immediately:

  • call free 0 800 970 179** our HSBC Customer Relations department is open 24/7.
  • at your local HSBC branch
  • in online banking: Accounts and cards France > Cards > Report a lost or stolen card

If you cancel your card online, you can order a replacement immediately after completing your report.

Always confirm your report without delay in writing to your branch. Either deliver it in person or send it by registered post.

Note: you may be liable for any debts incurred due to late cancellation, gross negligence or fraud.

Our cards are made from 85% recycled plastic.

Get a Visa Classic card

Existing customers

Log on to your secure banking space, and select ‘Souscription en ligne/Cartes bancaires’(4) (Online application/Credit cards).

New to HSBC

Profit from HSBC expertise to manage your wealth.

Find out more

*Dial +33 810 246 810 within France (service €0.09 per call + call price) and for service outside France (cost varies by operator).

Make HSBC your main bank

Moving your accounts is child’s play with HSBC Easy.

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**Dial +33 800 970 179 from outside France (rates vary by operator).

(1) In some countries, your withdrawals may be subject to additional fees charged by the foreign bank (including HSBC banks) or by the local ATM administrator.

(2) Subject to the provisions of the Information Memorandum.

(3) Including ATMs operated by HSBC Group.

(4) Bank card subject to acceptance by the Bank.

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