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Help: Open your transaction forms in PDF

If you experience an issue when opening PDF files, it might be because the Adobe Reader RC® software is not installed on your computer. This free software makes it possible for you to correctly open your PDF files. 

So you can solve this opening and displaying issue of your PDF files, follow the steps:

  1. Download the software or proceed to the update of the new version.
  2. Open and edit your interactive forms.

Issue with opening or reading PDF files

Issue encountered : When you download your form as a PDF and open it on your computer, a blank file with an error message pops up.

Image of a pop-up error message when opening a PDF file

The inability to open a file in PDF in a web browser (i.e. Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) is a common issue. To prevent it, you can use the Adobe Reader® software to open the document.

Downloading of the Adobe Reader® software

The first thing to do when you try to open the PDF and the error message pops up, is to check that the Adobe Reader RC® software is well installed on your computer (whether it is a PC or a Mac).

  • if the Adobe Reader RC® software is perfectly installed on your computer, use it to open the PDF. If you still can’t get rid of the issue, it means that you might have to update Adobe Reader RC®. I order to do so, follow the step by step process of the software publisher 
  • if the Adobe Reader RC® software isn’t installed on your computer, follow the software publisher’s instructions on their website

How to open the document as an editable or fillable PDF

Once you’re done with all the steps of the Adobe Reader RC® software setup, and in order to open the form in an editable PDF, you just have to:

Download the PDF form with a click on the little arrow, on the top right (circled in red on the picture below).

How to download and open the form

Make a right click on the downloaded document.

Select ‘Open with Adobe Acrobat Reader RC’.

Steps to open the form as an editable and fillable PDF file with Adobe Acrobat Reader RC

After which, you can open your document, fill it, edit it, then send it back to your relationship manager.

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