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My details

Update your personal details

Log on to online banking with your Secure Key and select 'My details/update my contact details'. Here you can view and amend your phone number, postal and email address.

The changes will also apply to your children under 18’s accounts, if you're their legal representative, and any other joint accounts excluding undivided co-owners.

Always make sure your phone number is correct. Payments on 3D Secure merchant websites rely on one-time security codes that you get by text(1) on your mobile or voice mail on a landline.

All changes are updated immediately.





Update your financial data

Remember to update the professional, financial and wealth details you provided when you opened your account.

  • update your personal income, bank assets and charges in the 'Personal' section
  • update any shared property details in the 'Common' section
  • your usual relationship manager will see any updates, and might get in touch for more information
  • if you need any help, speak to your relationship manager or call our online advisers using the number on your accounts overview page

Change the website language

Your online bank is available in French and in English. You can choose your preferred language in 'My details/Change the website language'.

(1) The customer is responsible for the registration fees and reception costs of any SMS sent abroad, set by their mobile phone provider.

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