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Cards and cheques

See what to do if your bank card or chequebook is lost or stolen

In cases of theft or fraud, you might be asked to file a complaint with the police or consular authorities. You should give a copy to your HSBC branch.

Always block lost or stolen cards immediately. If you take too long to stop any further fraud, you could be held responsible for any losses.

Block your card

It's quick and easy to temporarily block your cards online. Just select 'Block your cards' in the right hand menu: 

  • select the card you want to block
  • tell us your reason 
  • select 'Continue' to check your cancellation request
  • then amend, confirm or delete it

Blocking a card is free.

Screenshot of the English online banking overview page, highlighting the right-hand side menu.

Order a replacement card

It's easy to order a new card:

  • tap 'Order an identical card'
  • make sure your card information and delivery options are valid
  • select 'Continue' to order a new card 

How to block a cheque

  • fill in our online form, then send it to us in secure messaging with the subject 'My transactions'
  • visit a branch within 48 hours

You can find your email in the secure messaging sent box.

You can also post or fax your form to your branch.

If your request is incomplete, we'll contact you by secure messaging, phone or email. Some requests are subject to cheque cancellation fees.

Order a chequebook

To order chequebooks and cheque deposit slips online, select 'Accounts and cards / Chequebooks'.

  • make sure your order is complete:

- select the linked account using the drop down menu

- choose the number and format of chequebooks and cheque deposit slips

- confirm the delivery address: your home, usual branch or another branch

- you'll be offered all the options above by default

Help us make sure you've ordered any chequebooks sent by post to your home. Confirm your order by entering a one-time transaction code generated by your HSBC Secure Key.

  • tap 'continue' to confirm your order. You can then amend, confirm or cancel it
  • print your order confirmation by selecting 'Print' at the top of your screen
  • you'll get your chequebooks within 5 working days

Please note:

  • the date of your last chequebook or deposit slip order is shown below 'step 1 out of 3: order details'
  • you can see any updates about your order in the 'Messages' section

Withdrawal of CESU chequebooks

We stopped accepting orders for CESU chequebooks on 1 January 2016. If you still have a CESU chequebook, you don’t have to do anything. Your old chequebook is still valid and you can use it until it’s finished.

From 1 January 2016, or when you reach the end of your CESU chequebook, you must pay your employees using another method of your choice. You can then make any declarations online at

Experienced fraud?

If you've been a victim of fraud, act immediately and report it:

HSBC Customer support

0810246810 service €0.09 per call + call price*

(1) Dial the +33 810 246 810 from abroad.


HSBC Premier support

0810171717 service €0.09 per call + call price*

(2) Dial the +33 800 970 179 from abroad.


HSBC Business support

0810838485 service €0.05 per call + call price*

(3) Dial the +33 800 970 188 from abroad.


Always report card fraud to the local or national police.

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