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Start a new life in retirement

What can you do to ensure that you have a good retirement? Do you have a new project to keep you busy after your working life has finished? Would you like to stop working before the legal retirement age?

The key to starting a new life in retirement is to prepare your finances as soon as possible and to plan for the worst as well as the best. HSBC is there for you. 

Living in retirement

The first (and most important) thing to do, is to estimate the budget for your new life. Evaluating how much you will need to finance your daily life and carry out your plans depends on your lifestyle, your family situation, your aspirations and more. Once you have defined your objective, you need to make sure you have the means to achieve it and, with the help of your HSBC advisor, analyse your assets, your savings capacity and your future retirement rights.

Planning for the worst: health and other problems

Once you’ve worked out your ideal budget, you should consider different situations that could affect you or your loved ones. Precautionary savings and appropriate insurance are essential for dealing with life accidents and health problems. Especially since your social security coverage is not guaranteed if you stop working before you apply for your pension.

Plan and implement the solutions you need to start your new life

Whether it is to finance daily life while you wait for your retirement pension or to ensure a supplementary income, there are many solutions available to finance your retirement, and which can be combined to match your needs. Whether you choose real estate investment, insurance, savings or retirement products, a personalized study will enable you to carry out your projects tomorrow.

HSBC will help you define your best strategy and make it happen

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