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Are you insured against illness or accident in retirement ?

When you retire, your coverage in the event of illness or accident changes. Leaving work at the legal age or stopping working earlier will mean you will not benefit from the same social protection in terms of conditions and tariffs.

Please note: The draft universal pension scheme bill may change these retirement regulations. This content remains valid until the bill becomes law.

Social protection when you retire at the legal age

When you exercise your pension rights, you – automatically and without conditions – benefit from coverage of your health expenses in the event of illness or accident during your retirement. Your change of situation is automatically reported to your health insurance fund, except in certain situations that will necessitate a few bureaucratic steps. These include pensioners who receive several retirement pensions from different social security schemes, multi-pensioners, and pensioners who continue to work as part of a cumulative employment and retirement scheme.

No automatic social protection in the event of retirement before the legal age

In the event of retirement before the legal age, be aware that the legislation does not provide for automatic social protection. 

It is up to you to take out individual universal health protection (Puma), formerly known as the CMU, for people who are not covered by any compulsory health coverage. 

You will therefore be required to pay a contribution of 8% on your income, with no cap.

The impact of retirement on your mutuelle insurance

If, when you retire, it is possible for you to keep your company mutuelle. Note, however, that the financial terms will change at several levels:

  • your employer, who until now paid at least 50% of the contribution, will stop contributing as soon as you retire. You will be responsible for the entire contribution
  • the law allows insurers to increase their contributions by up to 50% over three years for newly retired workers. After this period, there is no longer an upper limit in the event of a further increase decided by the insurer

However, there is no obligation to keep your company scheme once you retire. You can terminate your contract and take out a more attractive offer.

Protect yourself in the event of unforeseen circumstances

When you retire, the risk of health problems, disability or accidents often increases. There are various solutions to protect you and your loved ones, such as pension contracts. They guarantee you the payment of a pension if, one day, you find yourself in a situation of loss of autonomy (contractual restrictions apply).

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